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FLIPPR is a grassroots volunteer group of Parkland residents, municipalities and business partners whose vision is to create a world class still-water trout fishery for economic and recreational opportunities in the Manitoba Parkland Region. Our goal in the words of our first chairman Robert Sopuck is to develop a necklace of lakes along the west and southern boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park.

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From the Chair - July 2016

For the past number of years FLIPPR has been concentrating on developing new lakes at the expense of monitoring or managing lakes after they were brought online. Rumours of problems with pike and yellow perch surfaced – funding was secured to investigate concerns and has been secured for work in 2016 & 2017. Fisheries Branch Western Region bought an electrofishing boat, and FLIPPR reached an agreement with Swan Valley to have their technicians as and when available.


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Fly Patterns

Many visitors to the Parkland region often wonder what fly patterns they should bring--or tie.

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Check out the Parkland Trout Fisheries photo contest!
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"Check out the Parkland Trout Fisheries photo contest. You can win $100 for a great photo or $200 if you're champ enough to catch a big one. Parkland trout photos are eligible if they were taken between the dates of May 1, 2013 and May 1, 2017 on Parkland aerated trout lakes. Full contest details can be found by following the trout links at www.parklandsparadise.ca. or right here.... Photo Contest Official Rules Submissions 1. There is no limit to the amount of photos a person can submit. We encourage photos that identify the type of hook or rod used. 2. Submit photos to photocontest@parklandsparadise.ca with the subject as Parkland Trout Photo. Include your first and last name and where you're from. 3. All photos submitted consent to promotional use by Parklandsparadise.ca and the 2017 NFFC Organizing Committee. Eligibility 1. The contest is open to everyone and for all types of trout fishing on Parkland aerated trout lakes between the dates of May 1, 2013 and May 1, 2017. The Parkland aerated trout lakes include: Anton's, Pybus, Corstorphine, Tokaryk, Patterson, East Goose, West Goose, Persse, Tees & Twin. 2. Trout must be caught legally (must have MB fishing license, barb-less hook, and follow lake regulations such as electric motor, no live bait and/or artificial lures. 3. Trout must be released and in the photo should appear to be in good shape for surviving being released. Best Picture - $100 ea. 1. We encourage quality photos that display the trout well and which capture the style of fishing and discernable lake characteristics. Trophy Bonus - $100 ea. 1. Trophy Bonus awards applies only to 24""+ trout photos that are awarded 'Best Picture'. Deadline 1. Contest closes May 15, 2017 at 12pm. Photo Adjudication 1. Parklandparadise.ca reserves descretion to award up to 6 'Best Pictures' and 'Trophy Bonus' awards based on quantity and quality of submissions. 2. If there is any doubt on behalf of Parklandsparadise.ca regarding the eligibility of a photo submitted, the photo will be considered ineligible. We encourage additional photo(s) to support the eligibility of geographically indistiguishable pictures that would otherwise be ineligible. 3. If there is any doubt on behalf of Parklandsparadise.ca regarding the minimum 24"" length of a trout for the 'Trophy Bonus' award, the photo will be considered ineligible, even if it is awarded 'Best Picture'. We encourage additional photo(s) to support the length eligibility of photo submitted of a 24""+ trout. Winners Announcement 1. 'Best Picture' and 'Trophy Bonus' winners will be announced at the 15th FFC National Fly Fishing Championship's Opening Ceremony. Payments 1. Photo contest winners will be paid by cheque by the 2017 Parkland Fly Fishing Nationals Organizing Committee and be contacted prior to the winners announcement for complete mailing details. Disclaimer 1. This photo contest is not affiliated with Facebook or Fly Fishing Canada whatesover. "

Check out the Parkland Trout Fisheries photo contest!
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