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FLIPPR is a grassroots volunteer group of Parkland residents, municipalities and business partners whose vision is to create a world class still-water trout fishery for economic and recreational opportunities in the Manitoba Parkland Region. Our goal in the words of our first chairman Robert Sopuck is to develop a necklace of lakes along the west and southern boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park.

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From the Chair - November 2016

The Municipality of Harrison Park, along with FLIPPR, has passed a resolution to not turn on the Pybus Lake aeration this winter, due to the pike and yellow perch that have overtaken the lake.  FLIPPR and crew attempted to remove and repurpose as many trout as possible. FLIPPR will continue to assess the fish population in 2017 prior to bringing Pybus Lake back online.


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Many visitors to the Parkland region often wonder what fly patterns they should bring--or tie.

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Spin caster buddy says he can out fish a fly fisher any day of the week… in response, fly fisher buddy says BS!

Just tossin’ it out there….how many anglers would be interested in a spin-cast tournament at the same time as the Bug Chucker Cup?

The Bug Chucker Cup is an annual fly fishing tournament held the last weekend in May on four of Roblin’s aerated trout lakes over two days. The event’s been running for six years and the ‘mixed-bag of skills’ participants catch a pretty fair number of decent trout. The only real rules are - don’t cheat and use fly fishing gear; everything else is a go.

And although Roblin has 4 productive trout lakes close enough, they don’t have a spin-cast trout tournament to compare Bug Chucker catch numbers too....could have a friendly fly vs spin competition of sorts going on; you know, just to see.
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That would be neat!

Heck ya, great idea

I'm in just say where and when 🐟

Good idea but might get to many teams for 1 weekend? Would it better to have them back to back weekends fly fishing one weekend and then spin cast the next ? Just throwing in out there !!!

I'm in for the spin cast team...I may know a few senior fishermen that would except that challenge Randy Bean

Make sure you guys record it, I suspect it would make for a great viral video in the fishing community!

Id love it. Count me in!

I'm gonna enter; then I'm going troll rapalas on a deep sink 7 line on my 6 weight Sage, then switch over to my ultralight noodle rod an spinning reel and pitch balanced leeches into the shallows, suspended beneath a 10¢ red and white bobber! 😁

I'm in with David Chevalier

Would be a cool idea. This is my take on fly fishing vs spin cast as I do both. It would entirely depend on when it was held during the lunar cycle. I found when I was spin casting the full moon and new moon where exceptional days and the few days around it. But anytime in between wasn't nearly as good. I've put my spin cast rod away, probably for good now in favour of fly fishing and what I found this year is on the days spin cast wouldn't have been producing as well for me I'm still catching lots of trout on a fly rod on rivers. As for lake fishing I've caught more fish in one day on a fly rod then I did all year spin casting (all on the same lake as I only fish one lake when I'm not on a river)

Let me know when Registration begins and the truth will soon emerge.

Justin Forbes

Interesting!! I'm in !!! Defedentaly would have to lay down some rules. I fish both ways ! But honestly have caught way more fish on my fly rods !!

Make sure they use barbless to protect the fish

I'd throw in a spin cast.

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