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FLIPPR is a grassroots volunteer group of Parkland residents, municipalities and business partners whose vision is to create a world class still-water trout fishery for economic and recreational opportunities in the Manitoba Parkland Region. Our goal in the words of our first chairman Robert Sopuck is to develop a necklace of lakes along the west and southern boundaries of Riding Mountain National Park.

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From the Chair - November 2016

The Municipality of Harrison Park, along with FLIPPR, has passed a resolution to not turn on the Pybus Lake aeration this winter, due to the pike and yellow perch that have overtaken the lake.  FLIPPR and crew attempted to remove and repurpose as many trout as possible. FLIPPR will continue to assess the fish population in 2017 prior to bringing Pybus Lake back online.


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Many visitors to the Parkland region often wonder what fly patterns they should bring--or tie.

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3 weeks ago

Parkland Trout Fisheries

Anybody recognize this rainbow?Here is another great photo of a hog rainbow we caught while shooting a show in the Parklands (Manitoba) this past week. Love this region because the fishing is great, affordable and very accessible! Orvis Fly Fishing Manitoba Fishing & Hunting in Manitoba Parkland Trout Fisheries RIO PRODUCTS ... See MoreSee Less

Anybody recognize this rainbow?


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Was it the rainbow that was rescued last week from the fishing line on shore

Do we know a size on this fish ?

I'm just wondering if anyone recognizes this one as its got some character on it's side that may show up in other pics.

Chip Chrisman

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