From the Chair

November 2016

The Municipality of Harrison Park, along with FLIPPR, has passed a resolution to not turn on the Pybus Lake aeration this winter, due to the pike and yellow perch that have overtaken the lake.  FLIPPR and crew attempted to remove and repurpose as many trout as possible. FLIPPR will continue to assess the fish population in 2017 prior to bringing Pybus Lake back online.

The entire aeration system at Corstorphine Lake was replaced this season and is online. Restocking with 15 to 16 cm Rainbow trout occurred in May 2016. These fish should weigh over 1 pound today and 2 pounds plus next year.

The Tees Lake aeration system is working well after the Municipal staff gave it some TLC. FLIPPR will continue to measure oxygen levels this winter.

– Ray Frey