California Leech

California Leech

- By Mike Andreasen

This is another hot pattern for the Parkland. It worked particularly well in Tokaryk Lake in the fall of 2009. It originated on Henry’s Lake in Idaho from the skilled hands of Bill Schiess but found it’s way to the Parkland through Mike Andreasen who found it worked well in northern climes. Perhaps the pulsating strands of Krystal Flash make it more than just another Mohair Leech.

The body is made from Canadian Brown Mohair chopped into 1/2 inch pieces and blended with River Green and Copper Lite-Brite, an effective combination on any of these brown- ish mohair leeches.


Type Notes


12 - 4 3x to 4x long


Brown 3/0 Monocord or Equivalent


Sometimes added to front of shank and under the shank


Rusty Brown Marabou with 2 Copper Krystal Flash pieces folded and tied on either side


Canadian Brown Mohair chopped, core removed and then mixed with Lite-Brite. Brush it into shape with a dubbing brush (we use Velcro for our brushes)


Four Strands of Olive Krystal Flash reaching back to beginning of tail