CBS Leech

CBS Leech

- By Mike Andreasen

CBS stands for Canadian Brown Seal, which was used in the original. However the new pattern calls for chopped up Canadian Brown Mohair Yarn, core removed and chopped into suitable lengths, (usually 1/2 inch for size 8 or 6).

Mike Andreasen had no idea how effective this fly would become but he and his club have caught and released thousands of fish since it’s inception.

The mohair has no brown in it, but is from an entire spectrum of other colors blended on a yarn that Mike had prepared in England.

Wherever he goes to unfamiliar waters this is the first fly he and his group tie on. It is truly a superior creation and one that should be in every fly box when approaching Parkland Lakes.

It’s a total killer on Laurie Lake in the Duck Mountains in early season.

See Canadian Brown Mohair Leech for pattern material and tying instructions.
Reddish Brown Rabbit fur makes up the tail.
The major difference is the addition of gold mylar ribbing. size 16/18 5 to seven turns. Be sure to pick out dubbing with a needle after adding rib.