East Goose Lake

GPS Coordinates:

51º 13.353″ W

101º 21.335″ W


39 acres

About East Goose Lake:

“Imagine World-Class Fishing Right in Town!”

EastGoose-MAY19_07The Town of Roblin has always claimed and prided itself to be the “Jewel of the Parkland”. Down through the years, many visiting anglers agreed when it came to trout fishing. Those who sample the piscatorial wares of East and West Goose Lakes are often shocked at what prowl their weed beds and shallows. Knowledgeable locals always are somewhat amused by the folks who camp beside East Goose and then head out to other waters in the morning without realizing what they left behind. I mean, after all, there’s a campground right beside it and people fishing from the shores and docks! How could there be any trout left? Besides it’s right in town!

Well, the truth is those who dangle a worm or dead minnow into its depths are more likely after the yellow perch that dwell inthe lake. Or perhaps, if they score big, they’ll have a walleye supper, born from one of the other two species found East-GooseNOV08_16in this water. It’s true though that annually the Roblin Review sports a pix of some monster salmonid, rainbow or brown, spanning 24 to 30 inches, usually falling prey to a night crawler or marshmallow. Knowledgeable fly anglers avoid the depths on most occasions and tend to fish scuds and backswimmer patterns in the upper levels and in areas of the lake less frequented by the warm water species. Fishing is best in early spring and especially in late autumn but any late summer evening or early morning can yield some amazing top water action for trout.





Rick Goett shows off a long, lean red-sided E. Goose hawg

Rick Goett shows off a long, lean red-sided E. Goose hawg


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