Lake 400

lake_400directionLake 400 is a large 12-foot deep pond located south of the village of Sandy lake. It was first stocked with 18cm+ rainbow trout in 2008 as an annual trout fishery. The lake is not aerated in winter months so over-wintering is dependant upon winter conditions. There is no boat launch. The pond can be fished from shore in various locations but use of a canoe, float tube or other inflatable device is suggested. Parking can be arranged at the nearby lot on the west unless otherwise specified.

The lake has a large population of aquatic insects and fathead minnows. Growth rates are high.

Driving Directions:

On Highway 45 west of Erickson
Driving directions to Lake 400, Harrison, MB, Canada from Erickson, MB
21.5 km – about 20 mins

Erickson, MB Canada
1. Head north on HWY 10 toward HWY 45 – 4.7 km
2. Turn left at HWY 45 – 15.5 km
3. Lake 400 is right on side of road between two highway entrances to Sandy Lake

Erickson is 73 km north of the City of Brandon MB (Hwy 1)


Eastern Lakes


Rainbow Trout


No Bait Restrictions.
Provincial Limits Apply.


N50 31' 11.54" W100 10' 18.03"