Little McBride Lake

This crystal-clear water body is an excellent windy-day hotspot, although one has to be aware of the current road conditions when traveling to it. It is spring fed and stockings vary over the years but in 2009 anglers will be littlemcbride1treated to some brookie fishing.

Launching a float tube can be interesting on this water and every floating conveyance must be carried about a 100 meters to the water from the turn-around which also acts as a parking lot.

The lake is fed by many springs. Many fish it from shore and just roll cast or use shorter casts.

It has provincial regulations and bait fishing is allowed.

The more effective patterns are backswimmers and water boatmen.

Driving Directions:

The turn off at Hwy 83 is located at N51 36′ 10.07″ W101 30′ 10.61″ and is 7.07 km north from Tees Lake cutoff. Follow it for 2.3 km to the clearing and then take the left fork (North) for about .9 km until seeing the Little McBride Sign on the right. Follow that road for about .4 km. to the turn around.

Please don’t block the turn-around when parking.

Please don’t get overly adventurous and try to drive to the lake. You’ll sink into the clay and a tow from here is EXPENSIVE.

(Twin Lakes and Persse Lake access from Hwy 83 – The Tees Lake cutoff is 42 km north of Roblin on Hwy 83)


Presently we do not have a hydrographic contour map for Little McBride.



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N51 36' 30.95" W101 27' 35.95"