Tackle and Equipment

Fly Rods

5, 6 and 7 weight rods are the most popular, with 6 and 7 being your best options for effectively managing and landing large trout. 10 ft. rods will give anglers added leverage and the ability to cast effectively on windy days. Especially for those who choose to fish out of a float tube or pontoon boat.

Fly Reels

Mid to large arbour reels, with quality drag systems, are a must. Large arbour reels will give you additional backing capacity and allow for a quick retrieve. Big trout will take you into 150 yards of backing, with ease!

Fly Lines

Lines choices will depend on presentations that anglers wish to engage. Floating lines are the norm for those wishing to target shallow water and fish static presentations. Clear intermediate sinking lines are the top choice, offering diversity for targeting various depths and presenting numerous fly patterns. Full sinking lines and sink-tip lines are popular for fishing deeper water. Type III to type V lines are great choices, which gives anglers the option to fish water columns below 12ft effectively.

Fly Leaders/Tippet

Whether you choose to fish with straight or tapered leaders, packing spools of 2X, 1X and 0X (6 lb, 8 lb and 10lb) fluorocarbon tippet or leader material will meet the needs of any Parkland trout scenario. 2X will work great with smaller flies and finesse/static presentations. 1X and 0X are the right match for those targeting “big” fish and choosing to strip or drift larger flies.


Deep-V, flat-bottom, pontoon and float tubes are all popular watercraft choices for fishing Parkland stillwaters. All FLIPPR lakes have launch sites, allowing for easy launching of deep-v and flat-bottom boats. No motors, except electric motors, may be used on FLIPPR Lakes.