The FLIPPR Lakes

The FLIPPR lakes are regulated to maintain a population of large fish, since all fish over 45 cm (18 inches) must be released. They are frequented by those wanting to hook a truly large fish for some photos and yet retain one for the frying pan. The regulations state that artificial lures only can be used to prevent deep swallowing of bait and subsequent mortality. The use of gasoline powered motors are banned on so-called “FLIPPR waters”, but there’s no need to dismount them when fishing. Just leave them tipped up and use your electric motor.

Natural baits are prohibited, including worms and preserved/frozen minnows. Long experience has proven that deeply swallowed baits add to mortality and impair C&R fishing. Spinners, flies, and spoons work just fine in all of these waters, whether cast or trolled, so no one is left out of the fun.